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Advanced Antimicrobial Wound Technology

A gentle yet effective wound irrigation solution

WoundSan is a gentle yet effective irrigation solution for fast, safe and effective treatment of established biofilms to help with the healing of wounds.

Fast acting

Low cytotoxicity

High antimicrobial efficacy

Advanced biofilm disruption and prevention capabilities

Hybrisan’s team of advanced antimicrobial specialists have developed a unique antimicrobial technology with an independently proven low cytotoxicity, fast action, high antimicrobial activity and biofilm disruption and prevention capabilities.

WoundSan is a blend of surfactants combined with Hybrisan’s proprietary antimicrobial ingredient for fast, safe and effective treatment of established biofilms.

The Data

WoundSan has been tested in terms of its antimicrobial efficacy, cytotoxicity and antibiofilm efficacy. It possesses potent antimicrobial and antibiofilm efficacy with a fast action and a low cytotoxicity.


When compared against the market leader, WoundSan has a greater efficacy, faster action and lower cytotoxicity. Accelerated aging testing has shown WoundSan to remain stable for over 2 years when tested according to ASTM F1980-07.