The medical world offers a range of sterilisation challenges where the control of microbial cultivation could mean the difference between life and death. Hybrisan WT generates an incredibly efficient anti-microbial attack on microbial organisms and infectious pathogens.


Hybrisan WT is based on a hydrophobic polymer which will always tend to force itself through any moisture, onto any available surface establishing a robust anti-microbial monomolecular polymer layer. The effects of this action are to disrupt established biofilm colonies and to prevent re-colonisation by the residual protection displayed by the charged polymer coating. This becomes a potent barrier to cross contamination and infection. Polymers exhibiting these characteristics are of significant importance to medical research.    


 The potential applications within the medical field are vast and include:

  •  Sterilisation of ambulance equipment (Fogging)

  •  Operating theatres

  •  Prevention of infection in patient treatment and recovery (Nebulisers..etc)

  •  Ward infrastructure decontamination (Cubicles, trollies etc..)

  •  Filtration

  •  Wound Healing


Research carried out in conjunction with Swansea University’s Centre for Nanohealth (CNH) has shown that the Hybrisan WT polymer adheres strongly to the chromium oxide deposition on the surface of stainless steel.