A representative Scanning Electron Microscopy image of electrospun polymeric nanofibres

Electrospinning is a rapidly growing technique for the fabrication of non-woven textiles for applications in a number of sectors. One of the major limitations of electrospinning at present is the difficulties of scaling from a laboratory to industrial scale. Here at Hybrisan we specialise in the scale-up and optimisation of electrospinning techniques to allow for a smooth transition from Laboratory to Industrial scale.


We have developed a novel antifouling nanofibrous textile with a number of potential applications. These are developed using a scalable fabrication process with ease of manufacture at the industrial scale.


Our research has demonstrated the need for and suitability of electrospun materials in a rapidily changing market place. We specialise in nanomaterials for antifouling applications with the ability to tune the properties of the nanofibres to improve their performance.


Using our expertise, we are able to scale-up and optimise laboratory based electrospinning processes to a scaleable free surface electrospinning technique. This allows for a seamless transition from laboratory research to an in-line industrial process.


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