Antimicrobial Products

Hybrisans flagship product; Hybrisan WT is a novel composite biocide that is the result of several years of collaboration between industry and antimicrobial experts. The result, a unique, clean, safe and highly effective broad-spectrum biocide.


As a result of its non-corrosive, non-hazardous nature Hybrisans Hybrisan WT is suitable for a wide range of applications. Researchers at Swansea University have demonstrated that unlike conventional oxidising antimicrobials, Hybrisan WT is not affected by organic contamination and does not corrode process infrastructure. Furthermore, Hybrisan WT has been demonstrated to disrupt and remove bacterial biofilms - a major cause of reductions in process efficiency and forms a protective barrier at the surface inhibiting re-colonisation.   


Hybrisan WT 

Hybrisans' flagship formulation. This product is highly concentrated for the treatment of large volumes of water.