Hybrisan WT

Hybrisans flagship product, Hybrisan WT is a novel composite biocide consisting of a signature formulation of biocides. Hybrisan WT is the result of extensive collaboration between industry and research experts which resulted in a unique biocide formulated with safety at its core.


Hybrisan WT offers a number of advantageous properties over conventional biocides. including; its non-hazardous nature in concentrate form, its resistance to organic foulants, and its non-corrosive properties. Furthermore, research conducted in collaboration Swansea University demonstrated a high level of broad spectrum activity against the common water based organisms; Psuedomonas aeruginosa, Esericheria coli, Bacillus cereus and Staphylococcus aureus and a significant level of surface and membrane active properties. The combination of these two effects has resulted in a product that can not only effectively control planktonic bacterial loads, but also prevent the colonisation of surface infrastructure. As a result Hybrisan WT is capable of preventing and re-mediate fouling of the system without compromising vulnerable infrastructure components.

 Working closely with academia, including experts in several key project teams within Swansea University, we have proven Hybrisan WT’s efficacy in a variety of demanding environments.  The outstanding results achieved are helping us to solve an ever-growing range of bacterial contamination issues for our customers.

 We are always happy to share details of our tests and results with interested customers wishing to know more of the science behind our solutions. Just contact us to discuss.