About Us

Hybrisan is a team of advanced antimicrobial specialists, who engage in cutting-edge research and product development, in order to bring products to market for a range of industrial and medical requirements. 


We have specialist engineers and microbiologists in fields such as nanotechnology, antimicrobials and biofouling, as well as being specialists in the scale-up electrospinning, a unique technique for the fabrication of non-woven textiles, more information can be found on our services page.


Our team calculate, develop, and implement bespoke solutions to help decontaminate in an effective, eco-friendly, and most importantly, safe way. We work with our clients by understanding their needs and processes, which enables us to research, develop and commercialise products to meet their needs. We pride ourselves on not only developing and implementing our processes to the highest possible standard, but we also test and quality control all of our products in-house and provide ongoing training and support.

The Team


Dr Lee Bridgeman

Chief Executive Officer

In 2010, Lee qualified as a marine surveyor and combined boatman's work with vessel displacement calculations and raw material sampling for chemical analysis. He has worked with many surveying companies as an onsite expert to represent the interests of cargo shippers/receivers in terms of validity of calculations and quality control.

Lee has a Doctorate in Materials Engineering supported by an honours degree in Physics, both obtained in Swansea University. To fulfil his EngD commitments he also supported his academic supervisor as a classroom assistant by teaching programming techniques to undergrads using Fortran 95. After graduating in 2010 Lee joined the Marine Energy Research Group at Swansea University as an Industrial Liaison Officer. His role within the department was to interact with the convergence area business community to strengthen the Welsh marine sector with a view to economic expansion and jobs creation. In parallel, the function of the role was designed to assess/assist early-stage marine energy developers by device analysis and to provide documentary evidence on commercial feasibility.

Email: lee.bridgeman@hybrisan.com

Dr Chris Mortimer

Technical Director

Chris graduated from Swansea University in 2014 with a First Class Honours Degree in Medical Engineering where he was awarded the IMechE Institutional Best Student and Institutional Best Project. He has since completed a PhD in the field of Nanotechnology, with a focus on the electrospinning process for the fabrication of nanomaterials. Chris is a specialist in electrospinning and the scale-up of processes from laboratory to industrial scale. His PhD studies focussed on the manufacture of antimicrobial and anti-fouling materials, including fundamental research in the interaction of bacteria with electrospun nanostructures and how their properties can be exploited in anti-foulding applications. 


Since Joining Hybrisan, Chris has had a strong involvement in the business development side of the business as well as the R&D side. 

Email: chris.mortimer@hybrisan.com


Kevin Waud

Chief Operations Officer

Kevin is a well rounded senior management professional in the highly demanding aviation, manufacturing, maintenance, and supply sector with a proven track record in Operational and Commercial Direction and Safety/Quality Management.

His key responsibilities include; Full P&L responsibility, Strategic Operational direction and Safety management, Enhancement of workflows to gain maximum optimisation, Budget control, Supply chain management, QMS/SMS, Customer support, Team management, communication, and motivation.


Kevin is responsible for Regulated Safety Management Systems and Quality Management Systems. He is accountable to EASA and the UK CAA for the accomplishment of stringent adherence to both company SOP and regulatory standards. EASA Form 4 holder. Kevin has a sensible, practical, and ethical working style with strong team-building skills.

Email: kevin.waud@hybrisan.com


Kenneth Foard

Managing Director

Kenneth has been in business for 45 years, starting out in 1973 as a full partner in a commercial boating services company offering charter and boating services to our clients. He started Baglan Builders in 1995 operating as a sole trader until 2002. Baglan Builders went limited in 2002 offering commercial property maintenance to industrial, retail and licenced premises. Customers include Asda Retail, Lidl Retail, and Zurich Insurance.


He cofounded Hybrisan in 2013 where he now acts as CEO. The business was formed in August 2013 to create innovative products for niche applications in the Life Sciences sector. Kenneth's role within the company is overseeing and managing all aspects of the business including financial planning and record-keeping.

Email: ken.foard@hybrisan.com