About Us


At Hybrisan we specialise in the collaboration and integration of cutting-edge research and industrial expertise. Hybrisans unique team is formed from leading industrial and research scientists in the fields of nanotechnology, antimicrobials, and biofouling allowing us to develop tailored solutions to any application.


Hybrisans specialised team composition of engineers and microbiologists makes us uniquely qualified to not only develop numerous nanotechnologies such as nano electro spun antimicrobial fibres but to ensure suitable for application to the life sciences.   


Hybrisan works with you from design to quality control. By understanding your needs and processes, we calculate, develop and implement bespoke solutions to help you decontaminate in an effective, eco-friendly, and most importantly, safe way.  We then provide ongoing training and support in the use of our products to enable you to maintain a clean, safe environment for the future.

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